Kalkan News

  • Flights – Best Value

    There’s no escaping that Turkeys popularity  in the last decade saw flight prices increase, especially in peak season.  World events saw many visitors divert to other locations such as Spain & Greece & the media reported widely on how the cost of holidays to those locations soared.

    The result for those of us that continue to love our Turkish holidays, is that flight prices have come down & there are some absolute bargains to be had, especially for those able to travel outside of school holidays.

    A quick look at price comparison sites like skyscanner.net  have shown 1 way flights from Gatwick to Dalaman in Sept for £39 with Monarch, and flights in  May for £83 RETURN! I literally only spent 3 or 4 minutes & found these so avid bargain hunters will have a great time!

    There are some great bargains to be had, & as always, wherever possible, we are flexible on handover arrival/departure dates for our guests so that you can nab a bargain flight – lets face it….that’s always a good start to any holiday.

  • Exchange Rates – WOW!!! (IN A GOOD WAY)

    There’s no escaping the fact that the £ pound has taken a bit of a hammering in the last 12 months.  You dont get many Euros or dollars for your £ any more, what I didn’t realise until I looked recently was how great the exchange rate was against the Lira.  For years we were used to getting 2 point something for our £ & ingrained was the rough calculation that 100 lira was about £40. And at that time Turkey was renowned for offering great value holidays. Now – The exchange rate is  the best it has been for 10 years

    & is currently about 4.7 lira for every £1……that means the same 100 lira you spend actually only costs you about £21, making it better value than ever.

  • Winter 2016 Improvments



    Delighted to report that all the outside seating has been recovered & the landscaping ready for spring is well underway.  A larger table is now on the terrace to ensure your coffee / wine is never far away.

    A supersize new Marble table has been bought for the roof terrace – top marks to the chaps who carried that up from the street to the roof – it weighed a ton!

    The full refurbishment of all the bathrooms has started & should be completed by the end of March, so watch out for some photographs of the rather more contemporary ensuites.

    The top floor bedroom is always popular with its fantastic views & access onto the roof terrace, but the children always seem to secure it ….so we’ve swapped the 2 single beds & have replaced them with a monster super kingsize bed where you can relax & soak in the views.  No jokes about “how many men does it take to make a bed?”

    The new permanent ( & watertight ) roof to the dining area proved very popular last year, as for most it gave a welcomed shaded area & for those of us who visit in the Off season – shelter from an occasional warm shower. The installation of 2 types of lighting means you can switch between gentle mood lighting, or much brighter to ensure you can see whose cheating at scrabble.

    We hope all returning guests will welc0me & enjoy what we have done.

    Look out for more improvements to come before the season starts.